Fitness Trainer

By Zachary Brussel

Education and training

I would not really need and education I would pretty much just need prior experience and myself as an example like being in shape

Average Salary

40000 dollars is the average salary

job duties / task

Plan routines for people, show people the proper way to lift certain lifts, spot people as they lift, and encourage people when they lift.

Job outlook

there is gonna be a lot of job openings

Knowledge areas

Customer and personal service, education and training, psychology, and English language.


You have to be good at Instructing, service orientation, social perceptiveness, speaking, and active listening

Working conditions

Your working conditions basically are what you make them because you are the one that is being hired.

Related occupations

The related occupations are anything that envolves physical activity and training people and making them better

Why this is my dream job

This job is my dream job because I love lifting not because its good for me but because I like watching and seeing how much I have progressed and I would get to do something where I am not only getting better other people are too.

List of resources used

Onet online and google images