11thGrade College&Career Curriculum

Quarter 1 Meeting - September 16th


Through quarterly meetings starting in 7th grade and continuing until the end of 12th grade, the purpose of College and Career Curriculum is to generate a more educated and informed student. It is my hope is to instill confidence within students by the creation and completion of a well-informed and meaningful post-secondary plan.

Junior Year - FOCUS

The theme for Junior C & C Curriculum is FOCUS. Using the information already presented to students in past years, students are expected to begin choosing post-secondary paths and determine what they need to do today, tomorrow, and their Junior year to make those paths a reality.

In our first meeting on September 16th, the juniors will gain knowledge and confidence in talking and interacting with college/military/workforce representatives. Representatives that come to Triopia or that students meet outside of school are an invaluable resource that students need to utilize more! Students need to know the what, hows, and whens of asking important questions.

Other important information that will be discussed including: the upcoming PSAT testing date, purpose, and requirements, as well as the importance of updating 4 year plans and activity records on Career Cruising.

Upcoming College and Career Curriculum Topics

Quarter 2 - ACT and its importance even if you aren't attending a four year college

Quarter 3 - March College Fair and Spring Career Fair

Quarter 4 - Post-Secondary Choices, Retake ACT ?, Senior Plan