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The Elliptical Trainer Machine Workout Helping the Best to Remove Fat

Foods that we consume are processed by the liver to release two major compounds and these are fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids supply energy to tissues such as cardiac of heart organ and the skeletal tissues, while glycerol is further broken down to glucose to provide instant energy to the body. Despite this obvious importance of fats in the body, excessive fats have various negative health effects such as heart diseases, arthritis, obesity and even breathing problems. This is because most often the fats are not all burned out but will get stored in the body resulting in these health issues. To ensure that these problems are avoided, it is crucial to be aware of the current body fat percentage which according to health practitioners should be 14 – 18 % of the total weight of the body for male and female 20 – 25 %.

The Elliptical Trainer

To achieve the above range, fitness equipments such as the elliptical trainer have been developed. This is gym equipment that simulates walking, running and upper body exercises thus enabling total body workout a burning out the excess fat. Compared to other fitness equipment it offers the best body tone up due to the combination of muscle activities going on while the person is exercising. The biggest advantage of the elliptical machine is that exercises are possible without exerting excessive force on the joints thus reducing impact injuries. It also offers varying resistances to the workouts hence enabling a gradual muscle tone up.

Various Exercises with the Elliptical Trainer

A wholesome body tone up program involves strength training as well as aerobic workouts. There are various types of aerobic workouts such as running, waking, stairs and cycling. Strength training involves weights, resistance tools and even weight machines. Some of the best exercises with the elliptical include:

  • Back side workout; Exercises target the rear muscles by manipulating the incline of the elliptical. It assists in toning the backside while at the same time getting good cardio exercises. Maximize the workout by keeping the heels lower while on the machine.

  • Core exercises. In this case, let go of the handles thereby all the muscles of the core are engaged due to the fact that you are balancing yourself on the machine.

  • Treadmill Similar workout; adopt a running position on the elliptical, release handles and keep arms in running position. This helps even out the stride.

  • Hurried workout; Very effective for burning out calories and requires short and efficient workouts.

  • Weight holding exercises. This is because while pushing down on the pedals you are utilizing the lower body muscles and bones hence serving as strength training. Addition of varying levels of resistance enhances this feature more. Know more about fitness equipments, kindly visit – http://www.worldfitness.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=456


Accumulation of fats in the body may have serious health effects and it is important to regulate the fats in our bodies. The Elliptical is an effective way to get rid of the excess fats in the body. This fitness machine is optimal for body fitness primarily because it works the joints without exerting heavy impacts on them hence reduced injuries and as well ensuring gradual development of the muscles. There are various exercises with the elliptical such as stairs, running, reverse and cardio workouts making the elliptical a great fitness machine.

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