The Scoop

Room 5 News for November

What's happening this month?

It's now Fall with the change of our clocks and the darkness arriving earlier in our day. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we will be preparing for our International Feast and presentation. It will be held on November 16th at 11 a.m. in Room 5. Family is invited including relatives or close friends. Each family should bring a traditional dish to share. Make sure you bring serving utensils and enough to serve 20 students and family members. You can either bring the dish on the day of the program or in the morning. This will be a nice family event and we hope to see you all!

We are wrapping up the ancestor unit and will begin our social studies rotations with the focus on map and globe skills. In the area of math, we will begin the regrouping unit starting with 2 digit addition. Then 2 digit subtraction will follow. Each week you receive the home-school connection for language arts. It explains the spelling pattern of the week, the reading selection, and vocabulary words of the week. It really is a short month for instruction due to the Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving holidays, but it is such a festive time to enjoy the beauty of the season.

A big shout out to Mrs. Hoopes who has so generously filled our snack basket every month with waters and snacks. Many children look forward to taking a snack from the basket especially if they have forgotten theirs. Anybody can add to the basket with fresh fruit, trail mix, pretzels,...Also, we need donations to fill our Treasure Box. Just remember they can be gently used items that your children no longer use or play with at home. If you wish to buy little prizes, those are welcome too.


Up-coming Events

  • Red Ribbon Week, Nov. 5-9; Fun Run on Friday, Nov. 9th @ 8:45 a.m.
  • Speeches for November
  • Week of November 5: This is red ribbon week. Tell us about how you stay healthy. What are some of your favorite healthy foods? How do you keep active? Give us details and examples.
  • Week of November 12th: Giving thanks. What are you thankful for? You can write a poem, draw a picture or share a story.
  • Week of November 26th: What did you do over the Thanksgiving break? Focus in on one thing you really enjoyed (i.e. playing a game of Monopoly with your cousins) and give us that story with descriptive details so we can really picture it.
  • November 12th Veteran's Day (No School)
  • International Feast & Program November 16th @ 11 a.m.