Mrs. Hudnall's P.E. Class

By: Kaitlyn Hammonds Period 5

Definition of: Physical Education

A class in school you take to exercise. It has 2 P.E. classes pre sports and just P.E. In pre sports you do harder work outs that get you ready to play sports.

Code of Conduct

1)Treat fairly

2)Always tell the truth

3)Don't steal

4)Do the best in class

5)Respect your teammates

Things you need to know:

Dressing Out: When you dress out you need to have a pair of blue shorts, a grey shirt, socks, tennis shoes. You can bring deodorant and other things like that. You have to have your hair tied up and out of your face. You also have to have no jewelry on.

Lockers: You need to bring a combination lock or a key lock. If you bring a key lock you'll have to bring two keys. You'll need one for yourself and one for the teacher. You can't share a locker. If you leave anything out of your locker it is your responsibility if someone takes it.

Grading: You will be graded on if you pratipate. If you dress out. If you follow the rules.
If you wera your hair up and out of your face. Also if you have oon the right shoes.

Health Day: Health days are on Fridays(or Thursdays). Health days are when we read out of the health books. We sometimes do word searches. On health days we don't dress out. We stay in the locker room(almost all the time).