Geothermal Energy

The best alternative energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Geothermal Energy:

Geothermal energy is a renewable resource, it is found deep in the earth about 10,000, ft. down that produces electricity.

Advantages and Disadvantges


Geothermal it gives of less carbon dioxide. Geothermal energy is a very clean process!! Fuels aren't burned in the process. It powers turbines and produces electricity.


Geothermal energy can only be used at its source but... its a very clean process. The plants cost a lot of money to build but... it doesn't pollute

Why you should use it:

Its a renewable resource and will always be there when we need it. When you use it no fuels are burned. The process is VERY clean. Its a natural resource and comes from the earth. It does not harm the environment. Now are you ready to use Geothermal Energy?