My Research

By: Samantha Levins


I love all animals and I love learning more and more about them

Research question:

How might we help endangered animal?

Title: Endangered species

Author: Randy T. Simmons

Call #: 333.95 Sim


I love making desserts with my family and learning new recipes.

Research question:

How does baking bring a family together?

Title: Butter Sugar Flour Eggs: whimsical irresistible desserts

Author: Gale Gland, Rick Tramonto, and Julia Moskin

Call #: 641.8 Gal


I love going outside and taking photos of leaves, flowers etc. I love seeing all the different, beautiful colors around me.

Research questions:

How come leaves change color in the fall?

Title: DK Nature encyclopedia

Author: Fran Jones

Call #: 508 DK