World of Stem and Cyber

Name: Alfred Nobel

  • born October 21, 1833
  • died December 10, 1896
  • He is know for creating dynamite and changing Bofors; ect... Gelignite and ballistite
  • His creation of the dynamite has made our lives so much easier for getting natural resources and destroying things in the age of engineering.
  • Alfred Nobel was Lutheran
  • He was a depressing guy who loved three times and never married as well as two left him for old lovers and the last stayed until his death.

Name: Katherine Johnson

  • Born August 26, 1918
  • Still alive at 97 years old
  • know for accuracy in computerized celestial navigation
  • Her computerized skills help accomplish project mercury and the Apollo 11 flight to the moon
  • She sang in choir for 50 years
  • She lives in Hampton, Virginia as of today at the age of 97

Grace Brewster Murray Hopper

  • born December 9, 1906
  • died january 1, 1992
  • She was one of the first programmers of the Harvard mark , she invented the first compiler, and she helped in the development of COBOL
  • She made the way for the next generation of computer languages
  • She was an united states rear admiral
  • Her nick name was "Amazing Grace"

Carl sagan

  • born November 9, 1934
  • died December 20, 1996
  • his research for extraterrestrial life and the first physical message into space
  • his research has proven and not proven many different hypothesis about space and life itself
  • He did not believe in god
  • Apple made a computer named after him