Paper Clips Project

The Sandbox

What Is The Sandbox and How Do They Help?

The Sandbox is a non-profit organization that helps families with kids with cancer or other life altering illnesses. Unlike a lot of other, more well-known organizations, The Sandbox caters to more than just children with cancer. Life-altering illness encompasses a wide variety of illnesses from Cystic Fibrosis to Down Syndrome, etc. The organizaiton helps these families financially, socially, and emotionally through the various programs they have.
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Sandbox Programs & Events

The Sandbox helps families by providing various programs and events throughout the year. Their biggest event would be their Evening of Believing Sandbox Prom. This prom is held once a year for all of the kids and their families and friends. During the Prom, families and friends are able to enjoy themselves and have a fun night while being able to forget about all of the stresses of their difficult day to day lives. The Sandbox provides everything from transportation to food to dresses and tuxedos. The Sandbox even has a Youth Mentor Program which takes a large diverse group of teenagers and young adults to help these kids through this "Prom process". Each child is assigned either one or two Youth Mentors who help them and thier families through the Try-On and Prom process. Youth Mentors also help with other events like the Kick-Off Party and Youth Council.

Sandbox Program & Events continued

Other than the Prom and the various event that lead up it, the Sandbox helps families in smaller ways as well. They help through programs like HopeFULL Holidays and Love Baskets. These programs will be explained below.

"Supporting families whose child has a rare or life altering illness..."

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How The Sandbox Relates to Paper Clips

A large part of the "Paper Clip Project" was to demonstrate and promote things like teamwork, caring, compasion, patience, hope, and belief. The Sandbox is exactly like this in many ways. The word Believe is a big part of the Sandbox's mantra. The Sandbox works to promote compasion, caring, and hope by putting on all of these amazing events for these families who are going through hard times. They also promote teamwork by having programs like the Youth Mentor and Ambassador programs, the Youth Council, their Leadership Board, etc. The Sandbox encourages compassion and optimism by educating people on how difficult it can be in a family dealing with these kinds of struggles and encouraging them to help others.