Mad Cow Disease

By: Jacob, Joe, and Trent


-An infectious disease that affects livestock, mainly cows and it harms the brain

- It is caused by prions which turns normal proteins into harmful proteins

- The abnormal proteins will cause holes to form in the brain and cause it to gradually deteriorate

- Leads to death

How it is Transmitted

-It is spread through the feed of which the cow eats.

-There is something in the food which is called a prion and that spread through the food.

How it affects humans and cows

-It can be transmitted from parent to offspring

-there is no none cure

-15% of all cases are inherited

-in humes t causes neurological symptoms: insomnia, depression, and confusion


- Make sure your provide a clean environment to your animals to limit spread of the disease

- Make sure your feed to your animals is healthy

- Regularly test a group of animals to see if your livestock potentially have the disease