Vocal Cords

Information on Vocal Cords :)

What are Vocal Cords and Where are they located in the body ?

What are vocal cords you ask , well they are two little string type things in your windpipe or as it is originally called you trachea. That are housed in your larynx. But they help you talk , sing and make noises.

What are they made up of ?

Your Vocal cords have three different layers the first layer is made up of ligament. The second layer is made up of muscle . The third layer of your vocal cords are made up of mucosal tissue.

When you breath..

When you breath your vocal cords open up and they don't touch together there for you make no sound. When you breathe out your vocal cords go back to the way they were.
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Did you Know??

Did you know that your vocal cords are only the size of a thumb nail! Also your vocal cords cover over four Octaves of range! Also In your lower register you mainly change the pitch by decreasing or increasing tension in the muscle that runs along your vocal cords.

If you don't treat your vocal cords right you could damage them like in the pictures below