Poetry Project

By:Vianey Mata

I Wish

I wish

I wish I had a nap everybody
I wish I had no allergies

I wish I had flawless hair

I wish had a car

I wish I had a make up a studio

I wish I had a free hair salon to go to everyday

I wish I had a concert tickets to go 5sos


Laughing and talking

She was happy

classy and fancy

She always was

About love she singed

from love story,

to love story

Her voice,

as unique as a four leave clover

But no one cared

Judged she was

Hated she was

Depression she fell into

But you should

have seen her later

Powerful and famous

She became

Beautiful and glamorous

She became

Free verse


she danced through the streets


at everyone that passed by


like the sun she was


could ever bring her down