How to Survive in Canadian Wildness

By: Dulce Rodriguez

Compass or Map

You will need a compass or a map so you won't get lost in the wilderness

Extra clothes

You will need to get lots of clothes because you never now when you will have a accident.


Food will help you stay energized and you won't die of hunger.
Water is something you need in your backpack it will keep you from dehydrating.

Water proof matches

You will need water proof matches because you never now when it is going to rain and especially when you don't have a shelter.

Fire starters or lighter

You will need one of these two so you can start a fire

A large bag

You will need a large bag so you can build a shelter out of it

Flash light and extra batteries

You will need a flashlight to see in the night when you go and also batteries to turn it on


You will also need a first aid kit just in case you get hurt or injured