Being a Forward

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Maya Moore #23

Jumping up to rebound the ball, with team mate Lindsay Whalen.

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Michael Jordan #23

Michael Jordan a small forward has been rumored to have changed the way center was played forever.

Jobs of a Forward

Forwards in basketball are aggressive, and athletic players. They box-out, rebound, post up, dunk, and defend, they are the all around players. Typically a post will be tall, strong, and a great re-bounder. They are also important in penetrating the defense, and making quick decisive moves close in to the basket.
Kevin McHale • Up and Under Move

Kevin Mchale: Center/Power Forward- 6'10'

Kevin Mchale's signature up-and-under post move.
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The Three Forwards

There are three forward positions in basketball.

The small forward is usually the player that can get to the line no matter what, to draw a foul. They're accurate free-throw shooters, and accurate shooters from long ranges.

The power forward's not only needs to be good at shooting from close range, but also from long ranges.

Lastly, the center usually plays close to the base line, and are usually one of the tallest players on the floor.

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