The Nile River's Impact on Egypt

How Egypt is effected by the Nile river's impact


Who is impacted by the Nile River?

One of the main places that are affected is Egypt. Without the Nile River Egypt would have no food, water, or farming land. In fact, without the Nile River, Egypt would probably never exist.

How is Egypt effected by the Nile River?

The Nile river provides a good farming land around the river, sufficient to farming and growing crops. the river floods every year, leaving behind great farming land. The Nile river also is the main source of water to water crops.

What does the river do to the economy in Egypt?

The economy in Egypt is majorly effected by the Nile river in many different ways. The river is the main way to transport goods by merchants to and from Egypt. This is a major effect because without the river there would be no way to bring home good to feed the Egyptian families. Egypt depends on farming for jobs, food, and trading. Farming would not be possible without the river creating fertile growing land, therefore saying that there wouldn't be any food without the Nile river.