Gun Powder

By Becca Gwynne

The Silk Road

The Silk Road is a trade route going from Africa to Europe to the Middle East to India to China. There was a lot traded but the main thing was silk, made from China, giving this route the name of The Silk Road.

Background Info

Gunpowder was made in China, dating back to 850 A.D. It was made by mistake, mixing some chemicals together and the something blew up! The whole house it was made in was burnt to the ground. It was traded all around the world. When it got around to Europe, where feudalism was taking place, it got rid of all the knights and they weren't needed anymore so they lost their jobs. This could be counted as a good thing or a bad thing.
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Some people say it's a bad thing.

They think gunpowder was a bad thing to trade because once it reached Europe it killed feudalism. When it got there knights were no longer needed and they could now train anyone to use a gun within a month whereas knight training took 3 stages and a total of 21 years. People could also use guns to terrorize others, like ISIS to the US. So if people didn't have guns our world would all be at peace but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I say it's a good thing

Gunpowder was used for many things. The "firing cannon" was the most popular and effective of them. It was made with a tube of bamboo dipped in oil with gunpowder inside it. Some other uses included fireworks, which made the explosion a lot bigger in the sky, army missiles and war rockets, which gave them a better explosion when they hit their enemies therefor killing them, and guns. Guns were - and still are - being used as long distance weapons, but they weren't just for targeting and killing people, they were also used as a hunting tool. People would use gunpowder and guns to kill or injure large animals from a distance so they would not be able to get hurt. Now if everyone did not have guns and gunpowder we would have a lot more crime and a lot less people in jail. This is the main reason I think gunpowder had one of the most long lasting effects on the world and the world of trade.

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