The Hero or the Zero?

Andrew jackson

The Cherokee removal

The Cherokee is replaced and moved to Oklahoma ,because of their much desirable land which contained gold and rich soil to grow cotton. Georgia attempts to drive them out but is later the Cherokee goes to court where it is ruled by John Marshall that the Cherokee is a sovereign nation and Georgia cannot interfere with them .Andrew Jackson ignores this case and proceeds to send to natives to the Trail of Tears

Jackson Decides to wreck the National Bank and "accidentally" the Economy

  • The national bank in the 1820's is being viewed as corrupt and only aiding the wealthy.Jackson who is being elected for his 2nd term promised the "people" that he would destroy the "Corrupt Bank".To destroy this bank Jackson used to Presidential powers of vetoing the re-approval of the bank.The attempt to override it did not work.This closes the bank and the economy for 3-5 years.

Nullification Crisis

The tariff of 1828 & 1832 angers the economy of South Carolina.South Carolina attempts to nullify the tariff to avoid paying it.Congress later signs a bill known as a "Force bill".This bill allows Jackson to send in the army to "Force" S.C into paying the tax.This is all later resolved by a compromise where the tax is lowers for S.C so S.c is willing to pay

A Poor Farmer Dude

Hello and Thank you Andrew Jackson for Removing those Darned Indians for us.

After those savages were Liberated you gave us precious land to grow out cotton and grin.

Also with the new gold to be found we support you on your decision on ignoring the case ruling because of how you thought about our needs. We support you like how you support us , and good luck with that national bank.

Capitalist scum

Foreclosure on the "Corrupt Bank" you had just vetoed I would like you to know that on how much of a bad decision you had just made.First of which I would like you to know about, is how you just ruined the economy. It would take years to reconstruct it, even after paying off Americas debts.Our "Very Constitutional" bank does not pity any laborers or poor farmers, and moving all our money to private banks is a really bad idea.

Andrew Jackson being mocked for his obsessive hanging

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