Learn how to cook foods with Zach!


Burgers are my favorite food, they fill me up! I'm gonna walk you through on how to make delicious burgers!

1. Gather up, Meat, Buns, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, and Cheese.

2. Chop up and "brown" the meat.

3. Then you put the meat on the stove, and set it to medium - high temperature, and then set the time to 2 minutes.

4. You then take the first half of the buns and place it down.

5. You set all the ingredients on the table, and chop some slices of the tomato, lettuce, pickles and cheese if you desire.

6. Then you have to wait for the meat to stop cooking, so its nice and juicy.

7. Then you take the burger out and empty it into a container, for later if you don't eat it all.

8. Then you place the tomato first, followed by the lettuce and you gotta press it down, you can then place the meat on the lettuce.

9. Now that you have the meat, you can add the pickle slices, and if you prefer cheese, then you grab the cheese and place it on the pickles.

10. Then you place the bun on top, and you have one juicy burger at the ready to be eaten.

11. Place it in your mouth and don't forget to chew! That can be dangerous.


Tacos are the second best things I have ever eaten, they are so yummy! Here is my second make the food plans on how I make my tacos.

1. Get ingredients such as, Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Taco Shells, and some chips.

2. Start by putting the Meat in a cooking pan.

3. Then put the pan on the oven, and set it to medium temperature for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

4. Then take your taco shell, and make sure its safely on the plate.

5 (for people who require their shells in pieces) Break the taco up.

5. (for people who require a regular taco shell) Make sure its safely perfect, no cracks, no shatters.

6. Wait tell the meat is done, then take the pan out. Be careful, you could burn yourself.

7. Pour the meat all over the shell.

8. Then attach the Lettuce, and Tomato on top of the meat, and push down a little.

9. Take the chips, and pour them over the tomato and lettuce slices.

10. Presto! You got one of my famous tacos!

You can try to cook too!

My food tastes very yummy!

Do you want to make food like me?

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Make food like I do, and you will be as great of a cook as I am.

Good luck!