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Phoebe Kester

The time I went to Mexico

I will never forget the winter of 2009 because me and my family went to mexico. It was beautiful because it was around Christmas time so there were lots of decorations. We did a bunch of my favorite things like swim, shop and drink a lot of smoothies.

Another great part was our room it had two floors two bathrooms two queen sized beds and bunk beds. It was the best vacation we have ever taken. When we went shopping we got our hair braided with pink beads. And at our hotel there were seven different pools and eight restaurants. My favorite restaurant was a Mexican place because They had enchiladas and enchilada are my favorite food. The best part was we went to another restaurant and the had a fake bull riding thing and my dad did it and stayed on for six seconds. Then after a week of being in Mexico we had to fly back.

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