RRSD Community Update

July 27, 2022

District #35 Happenings

Summer may seem like a quiet time, but important preparations are being made for the upcoming school year. One of the bigger things we have been working on is a school bond. The School Board will soon vote on whether to put a school bond on the November ballot for voter consideration. Please read on to learn more about this potential bond.

School District Bond Measure:

On August 16th, the RRSD School Board will vote on whether or not to put a bond onto the November ballot for voters of the Rogue River District. The exact contents of the bond will be decided on by the Board at their August 16th, meeting.

Based on a professional survey of local voters, the projects RRSD voters are most interested in supporting are:

  • Replacement and repair of unsafe or inadequate plumbing, electrical, and kitchen utilities and equipment throughout the District.

  • Adding a Junior High wing to the existing JSHS building to give Junior High students their own classrooms, locker room, and general space.

  • Covered playground areas at the elementary schools.

Other projects being considered for the bond are:

  • Upgraded locker rooms at RRJSHS.

  • Replacing the RRJSHS Track.

Whatever amount of money the District can raise through the bond will be directly matched up to $4 million dollars by the OSCIM grant. The District has already been approved for this grant. This means every dollar of tax payer money approved on a ballot measure would be matched by the state, doubling the amount received by the District. In light of this good news, the Board is considering two options.

  • One option is a replacement bond. This would keep tax rates for property owners at the same level they are currently at. It would provide approximately $3.53 million dollars which when matched by the OSCIM grant would equal $7.06 million dollars for the above mentioned projects. While we are still costing out all projects, this would likely mean only a few of the items would be addressed.

  • The second option is to ask District voters to increase their current property tax rate by a predicted rate of $8.00 dollars per $100,000 dollars of assessed value. If this is the direction the Board chooses to go, it would raise $4 million dollars that would be matched by the OSCIM grant for a total of $8 million dollars. The extra $1 million dollars from this option would help the District address more of the items listed above. An average tax payer in the Rogue River School District would increase their tax bill by $15-30 dollars per year to get the district this extra one million dollars.

This is an exciting opportunity for the voters of Rogue River to get more bang for their buck due to the OSCIM grant. If the board decides to put a bond on the November ballot measure, the District will prepare detailed materials and proposals to better inform the voting public how the bond money would be spent if it is passed.

Thank you for supporting the students of the Rogue River School District.