Do You Want Cleaner Air?

The ESWT Is Your Solution!

What Makes it Unique?

A wind turbine is widely known as being a piece of technology that is both energy efficient but also loud. Many companies that release tons of carbon could prevent this if they used a renewable energy source such as wind, which powers the wind turbine. However wind turbines are known for being loud. This reason alone can prevent thousands of companies from purchasing wind turbines to power any percentage of their company. That’s where the new Energy Saving Wind Turbine comes in. This innovative piece of technology is a quieter form of the traditional wind turbine. Taking on a new shape and technological form, this wind turbine is designed to be as quiet as a slight breeze and cost efficient. Without the heavy machinery and traditional structure, the Energy Saving Wind Turbine will be able to be a quiet and efficient wind turbine with all of the power but none of the noise. The Energy Saving Wind Turbine will make it so that businesses can use a renewable source of energy, one better for the environment, while not having to worry about the great amount of noise that it’ll make.

Why Air Pollution Is Worth Fixing

It has been found that air pollution causes lower air quality which can cause health problems such as; asthma, heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, reduced fertility, and lung cancer. Those that are most affected by this are children, people of low social status, the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical problems. These health issues, caused by air pollution, are known to have caused about 200,000 premature deaths per year. Every one in three people within America has a blood vessel or heart problem, whom are put at an even greater risk with health issues with the addition of air pollution into the mix (, 2016).