Prison Reform

The Cycle of Incarceration

Our go to answer is incarceration!

"we often overlook the fact that the 'criminals' involved in the drug trade aren't actually violating anyone's rights."

  • "Drugs 50.7%
  • Public-order 35.0%,
  • Violent 7.9%
  • Property 5.8%
  • Other .7%"

Person, and Michael Suede. "Why We Need Prison Reform: Victimless Crimes Are 86% of the Federal Prison Population." Mic. N.p., 19 May 2012. Web. 2 May 2016.

"And another prison program... teaches dads how to be involved fathers to their children" (More information in CNN videos link).

"San Quentin where prisoners are learning how to code, an effort to help inmates stay out of prison after they're released"

"What's Going on with Prison Reform in America?" CNN. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 20 May 2016.