Nurse Practitioner

By: Juan Aldaco

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What they do??

They may focus on health promotion and disease prevention.They also develop treatment plans based on scientific rationale. Nurse practitioner also treat acute, episodic, or chronic illness, by themselves or with a team.


You must have A masters degree and there is no on the job training ,other experts say you should consider nursing before becoming a nurse practitioner

Work conditions and Physical demands

People that work in this career pathway reported that you should be able to hold up 10-20 lbs. of loads and do a lot of walking or standing or just sitting using your hands or feet to handle machines.

- you have to be inside most of the time

-involves standing more than 1/3 of the time


-Average Annual Wage: $90,490

-Average Hourly Wage: $43.50

-Entry Hourly Wage: $25.77

Basic Skills Needed

-Reading Comprehension

-Active Listening

- Writing

-Speaking Science

-Critical Thinking and ETC.