Jenni Barden


Sunspots are Magnetic Storms on the Sun. They are usually darker than its surroundings, The Sunspots are called Umbra. They usually happen when the magnetic fields are going opposite ways.

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The Sunspots are darker than its surroundings. Sunspots Are made from the magnetic field going to opposite ways. They can Last for about Day, Week, Or a Few Weeks.
They don't have effect on earth, they only make the sun dimmer, but we wouldn't be able to tell.

Sunspots are 25,000 Stronger than Earth, and higher than anywhere else on the sun. The Solar Flare is an explosion from the Sunspots. It can get to over a million degrees in just seconds. When Sunspots are active the Solar Flares are at there highest. The earth will see an increase on the Northern and Southern Lights.

M1,5 Solar Flare & Two New Sunspots are Growing Rapidly in the Sun's Southern Hemisphere