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St. Peter School News

September 11, 2022

St. Peter School exists to provide a nurturing environment where students become Disciples of Jesus Christ, embrace the love of lifelong learning, and believe in the dignity of all people.

“I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God.”

St. Dominic Savio

Dear Parents,

Our first week of school has come and gone! We were all excited to meet and greet the students on the first day of school, despite some rain and building flooding due to a geyser of water spurting into the ceiling of the boy's bathroom on the first floor last Sunday. The major areas impacted are located in the basement, and include the Religious Ed Office and other rooms in the basement area. Thankfully, the kitchen area was not impacted at all. Only the first floor boy's bathroom is temporarily out of commission. The girl's bathroom and all other classrooms are fully functional.

We had school Mass on Friday and Fr. Mecca blessed the student missals we will be using this year. In addition, we celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit which is a powerful way to open a new school year. As Fr. Mecca reminded us, it is an opportunity for the entire community to pray for the guidance and wisdom of God's Spirit as we undertake the work of our mission during this academic year. It is a tradition that has been carried out for a very long time...

We look forward to a great year together of growing and learning!

Morning Procedures:

I want to remind parents/guardians about the arrival procedures once again as noted below.

We will begin receiving students at 8:00 AM unless prior arrangements have been for Before Care. Note well: It is more important than ever for students to be dropped off on time. If a student is tardy, the parent will need to park in the playground area, walk their child to the side door and remain until someone is able to greet the student. School officially begins at 8:25 for PK-8 students. Students are considered tardy after that time. No adults are allowed to enter the building and walk their child(ren) to the classroom. St. Peter School staff will ensure that they safely reach their destination.

  • Pre-K families will continue to enter St. Peter School through the Playground Door where an adult will bring them to the classroom.
  • Students who are dropped off by a parent/guardian will enter via the Playground Door. Parents are reminded to use the Rectory driveway to enter the St. Peter School playground lot for drop off and pick up. Please do not park in the CIFC lot as cars will be towed.
  • Students who arrive via bus will enter the building using the side door across from the Rectory.
  • Morning Prayer/Pledge/Announcements will begin precisely at 8:35 daily.

Afternoon Procedures:

I want to remind parents about dismissal procedures once again as noted below.

Students are dismissed at about 2:40 PM each day. Early dismissal is at 11:50 AM. Please stagger your arrival.

Students who are picked up after school will be dismissed from their classroom to the playground parking lot. Upon arrival, the staff member in the lot will radio the names of the student(s) being picked up. A staff member will be waiting near the playground doorway to ensure they get into the correct car. Be mindful about driving carefully around the children by taking your cell phone calls at a later time, and staying in line.



Students who take the bus home will be called by bus to meet a staff member at the Rectory side door. They will be walked to the bus by a staff member.

Students who are walkers will need to bring in a note for the office. They will be dismissed by their classroom teacher at 2:40. They will exit through the front door and let the secretary know they are leaving the building.

Before Care/After-Care:

Parents of students who are participating in this program will receive specific instructions in the next week. This will be by reservation ONLY. Before Care begins on September 12. After Care begins on September 19, 2022. (Note to families: We are in need of After Care supervisors. If you know of anyone who is interested in applying, please ask them to contact or

News about Breakfast and Lunch Program:

All enrolled students at St. Peter School are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at school at NO COST to your household each day of the school year. This year alternative options will be available for students for lunch. They will need to make their choice in the AM when lunch count is taken. Students will need to pick up their breakfast before going to the classroom using their PIN.

Students will pick up their lunch in the cafeteria and eat in their classrooms just like in the past. An adult will walk them down to get their lunch where they will once again enter their PIN. Students are permitted to bring their own water and snacks/meals; however, sharing is not permitted. Water fountains are not in use. Students will need to bring water bottles from home as they did for the last couple of years.

School Handbook:

The School Handbook will soon be available on the website; however, it is included within this newsletter. Hard copies were sent home with the youngest student in the family on September 6th. This handbook identifies the policies and procedures we will follow during the 2022-2023 school year. School safety, student learning, and communication continue to be among our highest priorities.

It is mandatory that the Signature Pages located in the packet be completed and returned to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than September 16th. Acceptable Use Policy will be signed at respective Open Houses. If you were unable to attend the Open House, your child's teacher will reach out to you.

Behavior Expectations:

Expectations for appropriate school behavior are outlined in the handbook. Classroom teachers will be sharing individual classroom expectations with families as well during Open House. It is a privilege to attend St. Peter School, and students are expected to abide by the school/classroom rules. Respect for others is a key attribute to be successful in school and in life. We will be contacting parents if patterns of disrespectful behavior occur and determine appropriate consequences.

Dress Code:

Students are expected to be in St. Peter School uniforms EVERY DAY unless it is a dress down day or the student's birthday.

Extreme haircuts, including, but not limited to: shaved head/designs, hair coloring, bleaching, etc. are not permitted for boys or girls. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

Students may not wear makeup (lip gloss, blush, eye make-up, etc) to school. Only light colored nail polish may be worn. Girls may wear a pair of post earrings and one bracelet or watch. Boys may wear one bracelet or watch. All other jewelry should be worn at home. Smart watches are not allowed and nail length must be appropriate for school. No nail extensions.


In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the St. Peter School Website, phone, text messages and e-mail, a monthly newsletter will be sent to families electronically in an effort to maintain ongoing communication between home and school. Note Well: This newsletter can be translated into any language by clicking Translate.

Athletic Association:

If you are able to get involved with any sports (basketball, track, cross country), please let me know as soon as possible. ( Thank you in advance for your consideration! We want to be able to offer our students this extracurricular opportunity, but we need VIRTUS trained parents to support/coach.

Home School Association:

Parents: Please consider attending and participating in our Home School Association. We are trying to get some new events organized and we need your help to do so! Thanks!!

Theme and Gospel Values for 2022-2023 School Year:

Our theme this year is Faith. There are so many passages from scripture that focus on faith; we will have an opportunity to read and reflect on many of them this year with your children. For now, we will focus on these three passages to guide our work as we begin this year - long journey.

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

-Hebrews 11:1

“Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.”

-James 2:14-16

“And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.”

-Luke 17:5

Please continue to pray with your children and support them along their lifelong journey with faith.

Within the next weeks, a Virtues in Practice Parent Guide focusing on Faith will be shared with you. It is a three-year program - Year 1 is Faith, Year 2 is Hope, and Year 3 is Charity.

The Virtues for each month are outlined below. Please review these virtues with your children throughout the school year.

September = Faith = Believing in God and all He has revealed

October = Reverence = Showing your deepest respect for things of God

November = Stewardship = Returning to God the first fruits of your time, talent and treasure

Caring for the earth and its resources

December = Generosity = Giving without counting the cost

January= Gratitude = Seeing everything as a gift and being thankful

February = Honesty = Being trustworthy and true

March = Mercy = Caring and forgiving

April = Justice = Being fair and giving each his due

May = Zeal = Being driven by an intense love for God

In Summary:

School Hours are as follows:

PK - 8 Full Days - 8:25 - 2:40

PK - 8 Early Dismissal Days - 8:25 - 11:50

Students must stay home if they are feeling sick, have a temperature of 100.0 degrees or above, have any symptoms consistent with COVID 19 or influenza. We ask that parents refrain from administering any fever-reducing medications prior to sending children to school to avoid risk of transmitting any infection to another person. If a child becomes ill and must go home, arrangements for pick-up must be done within the half hour. See additional information under Health Update.

Please see the Visitor Policy in the Parent/Student Handbook which is included with this newsletter.

Students are expected to be in St. Peter School uniforms EVERY DAY unless it is a dress down day or the student's birthday.

All students will be attending Friday School Mass with their class.

Open House dates are noted below.

If your child is going to be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, send in a note for the teacher or call the office as soon as possible. The person picking up your child will be required to show identification before your child is released.

Be sure to take a peek at the pictures from the opening of school.

Thank you for your partnership this year!

In Christ,

Mary Lou Torre, Principal

"Everything is possible for one who has faith." Mark 9:24

PK-8 Staff Updates

Please welcome our new staff members!

  • Mrs. Gina Smith - First Grade
  • Mrs. Maureen Redmond - PK
  • New PS aide has been hired - Paperwork pending...
  • Nicole Bush - Grade 2 Aide

K B - Mrs. Boyle/Mrs. McCabe

K A - Mrs. Arconti/Mrs. McCabe

1 - Mrs. Smith/Mrs. Kolitsas

2 - Ms. Galli/ Ms. Bush

3 - Mrs. Escudero - Moody

4- Ms. Marchese

5 - Mrs. Galante

6 - Mrs. Hanrahan (MS Math)

7 - Ms. Vivirito (MS English)

8 - Mrs. Puglisi (MS Science)

Social Studies - Middle School/Innovation/Technology - Ms. Vill

Specialists - Mr. Bellucci (PE), Ms. Campbell (Music), Mrs. Preveza (Art/Special Education), Mrs. Vizzo (nee Pantaleo) (Spanish and English Language Teacher)

Counselor - Dr. Repole

Danbury Support Team - Ms. Kruijs, Mrs. Conron

Catapult - Ms. McAvoy

Office Staff - Mrs. Correa, Ms. Burnside, Mrs. Rodriguez

Principal - Mrs. Torre

Important Dates

9/13/22 - Discovery Day for 8th Graders - Visit to IHS - 9:00 - 1:00

9/15/22 - Open House - 6:30 - 7:45 (Grades PK-3)

9/16/22 - St. Peter Dance - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

9/27/22 - Immaculate visits St. Peter School - 8th Grade Presentation

10/5/22 - Mobile COVID vaccination clinic - 4:00 - 7:00

10/7/22 - 11:50 Dismissal - Professional Development

10/10/22 - Columbus Day - Building closed

PK-Grade 3 News

Standards - Based Assessment and Grading begins this year for grades PK through Grade 3.

At the upcoming Open House you will get a brief overview. As the year unfolds, more information will be coming your way via this newsletter and from the Diocese. A letter from Dr. Cheeseman was sent home recently. If you did not receive it, you will be able to get at copy at the upcoming Open House.

Stay tuned for more information...

Grade 8 News

Wow! For our 8th grade students, the journey at St. Peter School is drawing to a close. This will be a pivotal year for every single 8th grader as they think about the many educational

adventures they have before them. We do not have information from Henry Abbott Technical School yet, but Immaculate High School Information is noted below.

9/1 - Financial Aid Applications Open

9/13 - Discovery Day - All 8th grade students travel to IHS for a tour and lunch.

9/27 - Mustang for a Day Shadow Visits begin

10/16 - Immaculate High School Open House - 1:00 - 3:30 @ IHS

10/27 - High School Placement Test - All 8th graders take this test. The test will be given at St. Peter School and proctored by the 8th grade teacher.

11/16 - Priority Deadline for Admission and Financial Aid Applications

12/15 - Priority Admission and Financial Aid Decision Letters mailed

Note Well: Recommendation letters will not be completed and sent with application materials until after the first marking period.

Health News - Update

St. Peter School will be employing the guidelines to support healthy in-person learning set forth by the Danbury Public Schools. Therefore, please pay close attention to the following information.

  • Vaccine Promotion: Vaccines remain the first line of defense against COVID 19, seasonal influenza and other vaccine preventable diseases.
  • COVID Testing: Free test kits are available to all students, families, and staff through the office. Any student or staff member who develops COVID 19 signs and symptoms will be asked to wear a mask and sent home to test. The Sick Day Guidelines will remain in effect. Please see the link for the guidelines:

    Fall 2022 Sick Day Guidelines for Parents - Google Docs.pdf

    Portuguese Sick Day Guidelines 8-22 - Google Docs.pdf

    Spanish Sick Day Guidelines for Parents Rev 8-22 - Google Docs.pdf

  • Quarantining/Isolation: Any student or staff member who tests positive for COVID will

    need to isolate for 5 days and may return to school on day 6 if symptoms have

    significantly improved, and the individual has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. The individual will need to wear a mask on days 6 through 10. Any individual who is unable or unwilling to wear a mask must remain at home for 10 days. Isolation days are determined as follows: Day 0 is the first day of symptoms, regardless of the test date, or the date of the positive COVID test if the individual has not had COVID symptoms. Parents and staff should contact their School Nurse or administrator during school hours to notify them of a positive COVID test result. Repeat testing is not required to end isolation. Quarantining is no longer required for those who are exposed to COVID-19, regardless of immunization status. The individual will need to wear a mask for 10 days and test on day 5 after exposure.