Paul Revere's Ride

Author of Paul Revere's Ride is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Three poetry terms

  1. In this poem there is End Rhyme. "Listen, my children, and you shall hear/ Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,..."(Longfellow 629). At the end of the two lines in the poem the last words sound alike.
  2. This poem is a Narrative Poem. "He said to his friend,'If the British march/ By land or sea from the town tonight,..."(Longfellow 629). A narrative poem tells a story, and this poem tells a story therefor it is a narrative poem.
  3. There is also similes in this poem. "Across the moon like a prison bar,..."(Longfellow 629). It's a simile because it describes two unlike things using like or as.

Historical Refrence

"On the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was sent for by Dr. Joseph Warren and instructed to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts, to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them."

"The Church" by Pene Burkey


The Church is not a building;
It's a body.
It has no rooms for cleaning,
Or a lobby.
You cannot paint its walls -or-
Greet in the halls.
The Church is not a building;
It's a body.

The Church is not an office;
It's a body.
It's not a place for business
Or a party.
It's not where we meet -or-
Where we take a seat.
The Church is not a building;
It's a body.

The Church is not in town;
It is the City.
It's not built upon the ground
Or with money.
You can't hang up a sign
On brick, oak, or pine.
The Church is not in town;
It is the City.

The Church is the Bride;
Jesus is the Groom.
Together they abide
As new Jerusalem.

The Church is the Kingdom;
Its light is the Lord.
For us He has come,
So faithful is His Word!

The relationship of the two poems

The connection to the two poems are that they both have to deal with a church."Of the North Church tower as a signal light------..."(Longfellow 629).


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