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What's Happening at Sidney High School?

What's New at Sidney High School?

The new school year brings new faces and new features to our school. The Sidney High School Journalism class has been out and about, learning about some of the new students and staff members roaming the halls of SHS. Here is a small sampling of some of those new faces and places.

Historic Sidney

Exploring Our Community

We live in a community rich in history, a town once called the "toughest on the tracks". The staff headed out to explore some of the interesting historical landmarks found in Sidney and the surrounding area.
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The Sioux Army Depot by Ben Goble

The Sioux Army Depot was established in 1942 to store arms and munitions. The Depot was active during the Second World War and the Vietnam War. Everything from small arms to 10,000 pound bombs were stored at the Army Depot. The Depot also was used to store parts at-the-ready for jeeps and military vehicles. The Depot occupied 19,771 acres of land. It also included 801 ammunition storage igloos, 22 general supply igloos, 392 support buildings, 225 family living quarters, 51 miles of railroad tracks, and 203 miles of road. The Depot was deactivated by the Army in 1967. The storage igloos can still be seen north of town and can be rented out as storage units to community members.

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Historic Downtown Sidney by Kate Huson

Sidney is the oldest western Nebraska community, and used to be the “capital” of western Nebraska during the early days of settlement. However, also during that prosperous time frame, over 1,000 criminal cases occurred in Sidney, along with fifty-six murders or attempted murders. That’s just counting the criminals that were prosecuted, most others happened anonymously and mysteriously. Also during that time, Sidney became the lynching capital of Nebraska. Because of the many shootouts that occurred here, Sidney definitely earned the nickname “The Toughest Town on the Tracks.” Anyone traveling through Sidney back in those days were told to only leave the safety of their wagons or train cars at their own risk.
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Trinity Lutheran South Divide by Rachel Blauert

Trinity Lutheran South Divide Lutheran Church was founded in 1886, due to increase of farming and farming families in the area. Since then, is has served the rural Sidney area. The church has the distinction of being the Wyoming Districts oldest congregation by three years. The church celebrated its 125th anniversary back in August, 2011. Shortly thereafter, the church acquired Pastor Daniel Larson as the new preacher due to the previous pastor’s retirement. Pastor Larson left the church this past July after taking a call to Arizona for a different church. Trinity Lutheran is now looking for a new pastor. Pastor Ted Bourret, who currently held dual parish services, now serves as the pastor while the church looks for someone new.

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Boot Hill by Cassie West

Sidney's version of Boot Hill, it's oldest cemetery, is located on the North side of town on a dirt road that leads to the community's landfill. It has existed in that location since 1868. It's first purpose was to bury fallen soldiers serving at Fort Sidney. It was also the final resting place of many local citizens and criminals. Burials ended there in about 1894. In 1922, more than 200 bodies were exhumed and transferred to Greenwood Cemetery. After many years, the cemetery was in bad condition so the Historical Society devised a plan to fix it up so that it could be a dignified resting place for the fallen soldiers and former citizens.
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The Post Commander's Home by Trevor Andrew

Fort Sidney, and the accompanying Post Commander's Home, were established to protect the for the growing railroad industry. The soldiers' primary responsibility was to provide protection for the men building the railroad and the families they brought with them. The Post Commander's Home is believed to be haunted by a young officer’s wife who fell down the stairs and broke her neck. These stairs were then boarded up by the officer and were later discovered by the local Historical Society. Today, with the staircase reopened, is used as a museum showcasing the history of Sidney and Cheyenne County.

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Historic Fort Sidney Trail Barn by Tyler Wintholz

The Fort Sidney/Deadwood Trail barn was built in the early to mid 1800s. This barn was built for locals to trade and auction off farm equipment and livestock. The barn was along the Deadwood Trail that traveled from Oklahoma to South Dakota, so farmers could trade with those traveling west via the trail. In those days, the barn was a hot spot for locals and was never vacant, there was always someone there. The barn is now over 200 years old and is still being used by my family, who own the property on which it sits.
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The Historic 1908 Tobin Building by Calista Bowen

Built in 1908, the historic Tobin building was built during a time of development and growth when a second railroad company came to Sidney. Located at approximately 1000 Illinois St in Sidney, the historic Tobin building is now the location of Della’s Cafe. Previous to its construction, Sidney was demolishing many of the older buildings to make room for newer ones, and this building was one of the new ones. The Tobin building structure is now protected for historical purposes.