Waterhouse Subs

Drew and Chai's Sandwich shop......For guys!



Mozzarella Sticks

Give in to your wildest temptations and pick any one out of the 7 freshly breaded mozzarella sticks that come in this scrumptious and eye-opening appetizer to eat(they’re so good, you’ve gotta at least eat 5!).

$4.02 for 7

$7.02 for 15 *SUPER DEAL!!*

Garlic Bread

Try our elegant, perfectly seasoned garlic bread. It will leave you yearning for these treats, and wanting to take them everywhere you go!


Soups and Salads


Minestrone Soup

After devouring this soup, you will realize that you have found a new favorite cuisine. Our fresh, flavorful Minestrone Soup is not only delicious, but also extremely beneficial for your future health.


Caesar Salad

You may choose to engage in eating our freshly made Caesar Salad, a blend of veggies topped with parmesan cheese, olive oil, eggs, croutons and Worcestershire sauce. This salad is a delectable entrée to eat on the side before your main meal arrives.


Main Courses

BLT Sandwich

Our classic and oldest dish, the BLT, is a sandwich that contains impeccably prepared bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of cheese, and extra toppings if you choose to do so. And, if you are feeling extra courageous, you may also decide to try our Monster BLT, which is a much bigger version of the original.

Normal: $5.02

Monster: $12.02

*Extra toppings cost $0.52 each

Panini Plate

Our exquisite Panini plate features 3 contrasting paninis. The spread includes a bacon, cheddar, and grilled tomato panini, a pesto, mozzarella, tomato, and spinach panini, and a grilled turkey and asparagus panini. With these three extravagant sandwiches on your platter, each member of your family can discover their own particular favorites.




Our sweet and sour lemonade will entice your taste buds to take sip after sip. Our specialized formula gives you a sweet, marvelous taste at first, which transforms into a sour aftertaste.

Small: $2.02

Medium: $3.02

Large: $4.02

Fruit Smoothies

You will never find yourself contracting an illness by consuming our deluxe smoothies, made with all natural ingredients no matter the circumstances.

Small: $5.02

Medium: $6.02

Large: $7.02


Personalized Ice Cream Sandwich

Our one and only personalized ice cream sandwich, the most popular item on our menu, is a breathtakingly beautiful blend of deliciousness and style. To commemorate the great invention of sandwiches, we will design this ice cream sandwich after any sandwich on our menu. Bread will be replaced with chocolate cookie, and you may choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream to be designed as the filling of the sandwich. Eating this dessert with a personal flair is a tremendous way to end your lunch on a sizzlingly hot summer day(or even a winter day because it’s so good). Make sure to send thanks to our expert ice cream artist, Chaianddrew Man, for working with us.


Donut No-Hole

Another dessert that is exclusive to Waterhouse Subs is our highly rated Donut No-Hole. We offer you your choice of either a glazed, chocolate frosted, or vanilla frosted donut, but we present it to you along with a special treat. One thing donuts are known for is their shape, which is a circle with a hole in the middle. However, at Waterhouse Subs, we always question and innovate. So, by producing special tomato, pesto, and mozzarella sandwiches 90% smaller than their original sizes, we are able to affix the new sandwich so that the hole is filled completely. At first, critics thought our idea was absurd, but after trying it, they all quickly changed their minds. So give our Donut No-Hole a try, and skip past dessert and snack time all in one.

Plate of 3: $4.02

Plate of 6: $7.02 *Best Value!!!*