The OL Update!

Summer updates about what The OL's have been doing

Hello WIGIS Leaders!

Even though summer is far from over (49 days until the Fall Term starts!), us OL's have been busy. We have had a lot of fun with all of the New Student Orientations so far, and the incoming students this year are incredibly awesome!

We started out the summer with Orientation Leader Training

Long days meeting with different departments, and numerous hours of session practice helped us hone our skills/knowledge and prepare ourselves for...

This summer hasn't been without its downsides though...

First, Macy was late to class
Time Mgmt
Then we were all late for an Orientation
Welcome Session Video12

We OL's just can't catch a break.

We have also been working hard planning for you all when you get back in August

Speaking of which...

Student Leader Training Move-In!

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 8am

Johnson and Wales University, Denver

Welcome back Student Leaders! Get ready for an intense two weeks of training.

Training starts August 25th!

From 8 AM until 6 PM, Monday through Friday, you will be learning valuable skills for your student leader position. Training lasts for two weeks, and ends with Wildcat Welcome! We are so excited to see the Incoming Students again on September 6th!

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