Power, Battle of Marathon

A stunning victory for the Greeks

King Darius

I was once the king of one of the most strongest kingdoms of my time, the Persian Empire. We conquered most of the known world, mostly in the Middle East of the world. The Greeks were sadly the wall of my kingdom keeping us from getting into Europe and Greece. When we lost to them at the Battle of Marathon, my kingdom lost faith. Soon after that my body felt weak and died soon in 486 B.C.E.

Greeks denying the Persian messengers

We were the people who denied the Persian messengers. Once they came we shouted "If you want our land and water help yourself!". While throwing them into the well which started the Persain war.

Greek Men and Soldiers

The Strong fight was won by the Stronger Army

Persian Army

As me and my fellow members of the Persian army stared down to the Greeks we thought we had already won. When they went head on with us we didn't know what to do with their heavy army, and high leveled skills. When I retreated I felt like a coward running away from a weaker enemy.

Battle of Marathon