McDonalds in Taiwan

By: Allison, Cameron, Maggie, and Ariel


1. Kung pao McChicken sandwhich with a side of rice

2. Spicy Tofu Big Mac

3. McRice Burger with a rice cake

4. McTofu nuggets with a side of fish sticks

5. McFish Patty Burger with a side of rice

6. McBeef Noodle Soup with a side of rice

7. Egg Plant McNuggets

8. McPork Combo Meal

9. Spicy Rice Bun Big Mac

10. McEgg Patty Sandwhich with a rice cake

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Dress Code

Dress Code:
McDonalds collared shirt
Khaki pants
Closed toed shoes
McDonalds hat
Hair pulled back

Building Design:

The McDonalds in Taiwan is similar to the McDonalds in America in which their building designs are similar. The McDonalds located in Taiwan have places for their customers to park their scooters and bikes (a popular form of transportation) located outside of the buildings. More of the modern buildings are made of glass and have many clear windows. The buildings are much like the McDonalds located in New York they are located off main roads and above the restaurants are other businesses.


Many of the menu items available at the McDonalds in Taiwan reflect the country's culture. Foods such as rice, eggs, chicken, and fish are some very common dishes that many people of Taiwan eat on a daily basis. Almost all of the dishes on the menu include rice, chicken, or fish showing the cultural difference between Taiwan and other countries. The building design of the McDonalds shows the moderns of Taiwan and shows the urbanization and how Taiwan has become more “city” like much like New York City. The dress code of the restaurants is casual and similar to the United States. Many people of Taiwan dress according to their own styles. This shows the culture diversity in Taiwan. All of these factors relate to globalization. America has influenced the culture of Taiwan by bringing McDonalds to their country and sharing our customs with Taiwan, we are globalizing Taiwan with our cultural aspects. Taiwan has adapted many of America's cultural aspects such as foods and restaurants like McDonalds, but they have also adapted things like clothing and their building architect.

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