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About Animal Jam

Hello every jammer. I'm Kealyn from Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a great game for kids. Soon i'm starting a YouTube channel. Animal Jam makes fun updates for kids. Lastest Update is The Great Escape in the Adventure Beta. Animal Jam makes Rare Monday Items every Monday. They also have Rares that you trade for but not ever jammer will accept the trade. Animal Jam is a safe game for kids that are to young to play other games like Slender Man. As most games every game has there safety rules. If a jammer breaks those rules alot of times that jammer will be suspened for 1 day. Animal Jam is not a game for older kids that will say bad words. Animal jam's main sentence is 'Be a Jammer Not a Scammer'. Animal Jam has alot of contests going on for kids like the News Crew. Hope to see you soon and remember to have fun on Animal Jam. Hope to you will enjoy all my news from Animal Jam.


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Launch Trailer - Animal Jam