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Week Ending Sept. 4, 2015

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What I Noticed -- by Paula Paterson

Here is what I notice. I notice that kindness breeds kindness. Modeling good behavior, reaps good behavior. Praising students, encourages students to praise others.

In my classroom of special needs students, I have found it important to model behavior and to praise often to keep students on track. One of the techniques I use is called an “I Noticed” board. Several times a week, I will write on a sticky note what I “noticed” a student was doing that was positive. It can be as simple as opening a door for a friend, or sharing a book, to noticing that a student was able to complete a task independently. These positive little notes don’t take much time. They are quick and easy and are visible to the students all day. At the end of the grading period, I place the notes in an envelop and send them home. The parents get to see what their child has done that was positive.

Here is what else I noticed. When I used this last year and would write the sticky notes, the students started coming up with their own “I noticed”. It suddenly switched from the teacher or aides noticing good behavior,... to the peers pointing out great behavior. They loved participating in the board. It was a great way to reinforce positive behavior and acknowledging what our friends did. They became more aware and modeled the behavior.

It is a very simple idea and does not take much effort. A few colored sticky notes and a board to praise one another is a great way to model positive behavior.

And finally, I notice that I work with the best staff in LISD and am very fortunate to be at OSE.

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Book Recommendation

I have this awesome book in my office; it's all about perspective...and how what appears at first to be a negative thing just might be a positive in disguise! If you'd like to share it with your class, please feel free to stop by and borrow it!
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Tech Corner

Photos for Class is a free site that helps students find Creative Commons licensed images. The images that they download come with citation information already embedded! Look below for a quick video how-to and link to the site.
A Quick Way to Find Creative Commons Licensed Images

Thank you to everyone for pulling together to help Alyssa get cleared out. We will miss her.

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