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BY: Aaron Stevens, Destinie Warren, Daisy Freeze

Reasons to live in Constantiople

  1. Roman emperor Constantine built a city here in 330 A.D. He named the city Constantinople, after himself.
  2. wealthiest city in the Roman Empire, even more wealthy than the city of Rome itself.
  3. Constantinople is the most logical location for the capital of the newly created Byzantine Empire.


The City of Constantinople

Tucked between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea lies a small neck of land , this peninsula is a popular travel route for merchants and traders. Because it could be accessed from two different seas as well as by land, it was a perfect location for a city.

Gov and Religion

common religion: Christianity

The gov is: Autocratic monarchy

Daily life

They all lived very differently due to wealth and social level.The rich lived in brick two stories and the poor lived in multi-story apartment buildings.