Anderson's Announcements

October 16, 2015

This Week in Kindergarten

It's the end of the first nine weeks of Kindergarten! The children have learned so many new skills and are growing up. The next nine weeks will bring new learning and an opportunity for your child to master previous taught skills. Please continue to work with your child at home and read with them daily.

This week student learning was focused on Christopher Columbus and map/globe skills. They used this time to participate in shared research and writing which is a kindergarten assessed skill. They listened to several informational stories about Columbus and were able to generate ideas for their writings based on what they learned. Ask your child to tell you about Columbus and what they learned about his life.

In math, students spent time exploring coins. They are expected to be able to identify the coins as well as their values. Students played games, sorted coins, and even learned how to do a coin rubbing. Learning about coins and their values will help students to better understand personal finance in December and learn that we exchange money for goods or services.

Looking Ahead in Kindergarten

During the second nine weeks your child will have an opportunity to master letter identification, letter sounds, number identification to 20 as well as writing numbers correctly. Students will also be expected to write their name legibly as well as write a sentence that is clear and meaningful. This can be a difficult skill for Kindergarteners to master and needs to be reinforced at home. In math, students will explore place value, the meanings of greater than, less than, and equal to, compare numbers, and explore basic addition and subtraction facts. Your child will need to continue reading their guided reading books and also begin to comprehend what they are reading.

Fun Run Update

Our class was one of several classes that turned in over $1000.00 this year for the PTA Fun Run! As a thank you to the students for their harid work, our class will be going to the Mt. Park Park next Friday, October 16th. We will leave the building at 9:15 a.m and return by 10:45 a.m.. We will be eating lunch at the school. Parents are welcome to meet us in the bus parking lot and walk with us to and from the park. Please do not bring your pets as some children are allergic to animals and this is a school activity. Your child will be bringing home a permission slip in their orange folder. Please sign the permission slip and return it so I an plan for your child to attend. All children must have a signed permission slip in order to participate.

Also, PTA will be providing the entire class with ice cream on Friday, October 16th. Please do not send ice cream money with your child next week as each student will receive ice cream that day.

A Message from Transportation

As a point of safety for our kindergarten students who ride the bus, a parent or guardian must meet the bus in the afternoons at the bus stop. If the parent is not at the stop, the kindergartener will be returned to school for parent pick-up. Exception: kindergarten students will be dropped off at their stop if they have an older sibling riding the bus with them. The bus supervisor, Tammy Daniel, may be reached through email should you have any questions or concerns with this protocol -

Guided Reading

Thank you to everyone who is reading with their child at home. Please make sure that your child returns guided reading book everyday. If your child does not have a new book to read, please reread the book from the night before. Familiar rereading helps to build confidence and fluency in young readers!

When reading with your child, please do not cover up the pictures! Students are taught to look at the pictures to help them figure out "tricky words." You can encourage your child to check the picture by prompting them to use their "eagle eye." Also, students need to use their finger to touch and read each word. This one-to-one correspondence helps encourage young readers to read through words and to independently self-correct.


Sight Words

Please go over your child's sight word list with them. It is important that students be able to read these words quickly in isolation so that they are able to recognize them in their guided reading books. Please send a note letting me know that your child is ready for a sight word test and I will assess these words during reading groups. Students are able to work through word lists at their own pace, however students who can read the first 100 words will receive a special treat.

Computer Lab

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a head set for their child to use in the computer lab. Please encourage your child to keep up with their head set and use it properly. Kindergarten students will begin going to the computer lab with their classroom teacher once a week. This is in addition to their computer enrichment special.

Expected Student Behavior in Kindergarten

Please have a conversation with your child regarding appropriate behavior at school. Students are expected to focus, listen, follow directions and be respectful to others. Please encourage your child to be responsible citizens by keeping up with their orange folders, clothing items, book bags, etc. Please encourage your child to listen to his/her teachers and be considerate of others and their belongings. Students are expected to show respect to all students and adults at MPES. Also, students need to remember that hands are for helping, not hitting, and that bullying is not allowed. Students who misbehave will be sent to time out and this ultimately effects student learning. Thank you so much for your support of teaching and learning at MPES!

Mark Your Calendar

October 8- End of Term and Field Day

October 12- Student Holiday (NO SCHOOL)

October - Report Cards Issued

October - Fire Safety Presentation

Suggested Kindergarten Apps for Home

Endless Reader: sight words, lots of levels

Sight Words by Little Speller: sight words, nice parental controls

Kids Crosswords: spelling skills, sight words, and word recognition

PBS Kids: access to shows and other content

Little Patterns: creating and continuing patterns

ABC Letter Tracing: fine motor skills, letter recognition and letter formation