Week of September 19th

The Next Two Weeks. . .

Week of September 19th

Kindergarten Teachers Seek Consent for Study from Parents

Monday, September 19th

-5th to Art Museum (noon-2:30pm)

-8GBB vs. Jarrett 3pm (Cooper Supervising)

Tuesday, September 20th

-7:30am Flu Shots for Staff

-District PTA 9-11am at KAC (Cooper)

-Leadership Meeting 3-4pm in Library Commons

-FB vs. Cherokee at GHS at 5:45pm (Holmes Supervising)

Wednesday, September 21st

-AP Cadre 8-10am (Cooper)

-Grade Level Meetings (7th Grade-2nd Period; 6th Grade-5th Period; 8th Grade-6th Period)

-Austin Rutledge is available to assist you with PBL during your planning times. Please email him.


Thursday, September 22nd

-Lisa Turner, HR Director, Visit at 1:30pm

-Art Club

-7GBB vs. Cherokee at 6pm (Holmes Supervising)

Friday, September 23rd

-Character Ed Students Recognized at Rise and Shine for Elementary


Week of September 26th

Monday, September 26th

-PTSA Board Meeting (12:30pm in library commons)

-Symphony Try-Outs After School at PHS

Tuesday, September 27th

-Symphony Try-Outs After School at PHS

-FB vs. Carver at PHS at 5:45pm (Cooper Supervising)

Wednesday, September 28th

-Evolving Leaders (Gallamore) 8-11am

Thursday, September 29th

-Master Learner Level 1

-7GBBall vs. PV @6pm (Gallamore Supervising)

Friday, September 30th

-School Pictures

-Land of Smiles for Elementary in Small Gym or Cafeteria TBA (1-1:30pm)

Update on Teacher Growth

Mr. Cooper and I should complete conferences with each teacher by the end of September. If you have not scheduled and/or completed your conference please schedule with Valerie at your earliest convenience. It is very exciting all the great things that are happening in classrooms. Throughout the rest of the year the POW will focus on highly engaging strategies (Building Indicator 1.2) and use of instructional resources with a focus on PBL (Building Indicator 4.2).

Check out the video below. It is a good remind of the continuum and elements of PBL. Also, if you run across something that would be useful for your colleagues please send it to me and I can put it in the POW.

Project Based Learning: Am I Doing it Right? How Do I know?

Middle School or Elementary Picture Challenge

Just for fun--submit a picture of you in middle school or elementary school and then we will let people guess who it is each week. The first person to respond with the correct person will win a Pershing tattoo to wear with pride.

I'll start us out. Three piece suit and 1st place trophy at the C of O Math Tournament. (Pretty much like a gold medal in the Olympics in my mind in 8th grade.)

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From the PTSA Fundraising Committee

The PTSA has raised $6,890 and they are only $1,110 away from their $8,000 goal. They hope to reach their goal by October 1st. If you donate, you receive a discount card. Your support is very much appreciated!

Recognize a Co-Worker

You can recognize your co-worker on the workroom bulletin board or online through the district website.