The Walking Dead

Jeremy Fisher


Rick,Morgan Jones,Duane,Shane,Glenn,Allen,Donna,twins,Amy,Andrea,Dale,Carol,Sophia,Jim,Carl

Character analysis

Rick Grimes

Trait 1 courageous

He is a cop and he took a bullet for his friend.

Trait 2 confused

He always says I don't know what the hell is going on.


" It was my wife Lori, Her water broke not ten minutes after i left. I grabbed my coat to go home and grab her. Got Gilroy to call doc stvens so he could meet us at the hospital. "
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Whenever there is a crisis it is important that you lean on your family and friends.

Important event

When Shane is about to shoot Rick because he wants Rick's wife. So Ricks young son shoot's Shane and kills him.


I recommend this book for everyone it has zombies, action,Romance,and a small bits of comedy
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