Infant Crescent Room

February 15 - 26

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Special Olympics!

Next week, we will continue to accept donations for our Star Wars themed basket that will be up for bid the week of February 29th, in the entryway of Edu-Care. The class that gets the most bids will win an ice cream party!

We will also be part of an art gallery that will be presented in the entryway. The art work will also be up for bid. All the money that the theme baskets and art work make will be donated to the Special Olympics.

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Clifford, The Big Red Dog!

A few of us went to see Clifford this week. A book was read, songs were sung and Clifford did a few tricks for us to see.
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Picture Day!

Our class picture is Tuesday, February 16th (the day we get back from our three day weekend.)

The pictures are available to purchase. The money will also be donated to the Special Olympics!

Big Boy Walking!

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Next week...

We have a new friend joining our room next week. His name is Andy, and he was born in December! We can't wait to add to our loving group.

Always make sure to check the supply needs on the daily sheets.

Thank you all for being such wonderful parents!!!


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