Jacques Cartier Sails To Canada!

Jacques Cartier, a newer explorer, sails to the Saint Lawrence River and finds a new country. He has named this country Canada. Cartier was born December 31, 1491 and died September 1, 1557 in the same place he was born, Saint Malo, Brittany, France.
Cartier sailed April 20, 1534 with 2 ships, 30 men per ship and got to his destination 20 days later. He explored the west cost of Newfoundland and discovered Prince edward Island. After he returned, King Francis was so impressed with Cartier's report that he sponcered another voyage the next year with 3 ships and 110 men and found copper, silver, gold, and spices. The next voyage he had 5 ships. They found an abundence of gold and diamonds along the Saint Lawrence River. When coming back, he found that the two minerals were worthless. So he was pretty disappointed. He retired in 1542 and died 16 years later.