Shine bright

Interstellar Medium

It is what makes up the space in space.

Mostly dust and small particles.

It is all the stuff in between stars and planets in the galaxy. It is basically everywhere.

Stars? Sounds cool...

stars are very complex and interesting objects in space (also called the sun). They are the reason we can survive every day and why we are here (along with many other reasons) along with everything else on earth. The light it produces every second from its extreme heat allows everything to grow and live as it does everyday. So if it does all this, how did it get there?

Stars are form because of interstellar mediums and coming together and becoming so great in mass and size, that it creates its own gravity and gas pressure. Now that's the easy explanation but we are about to go into more detail and the full life of a star.

The end has begun

The final two stages of a stars life is a "White Dwarf" and the final supernova or black holes. This White Dwarf is the smallest stage besides the beginning.

The Dwarf stage is when it runs out of fuel to burn.

The star could run out of fuel to burn or collapse on itself and explode (supernova). The size of the star and how much fuel it can burn. Black holes are when the star gets sucked into a black hole and is GONE.
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