Christmas in Africa

Celebrated on December 25th- Created by Jerra LaPlant

History and Traditions

In Africa they celebrate the birth of Jesus. They always have a Christmas pageant, and carolers that go from house to house singing Christmas songs. Finally, they have church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

When and How Long Christmas is Celebrated

In Africa, Christmas is celebrated in the summer. Summer there is in December. They celebrate for 2 days, December 24th (Christmas Eve), and December 25th (Christmas day).

Foods Eaten in Africa

In Africa they eat turkey, roast beef, mince pies, suckling pig, yellow rice with raisins, vegetables, plum pudding, and crackers. They set tables right outside of their house doors and put food on them for other people to eat.

Presents, their "Santa", and a Symbol

In Africa their "Santa" is called Father Christmas. He is based off of St.Nicholas. St.Nicholas is a guy in a china shop that is inside of a turkey. Father Christmas does not give the presents. They have a ceremony after their church service on Christmas Eve. In the ceremony they put the presents on a table for other people. Not one person will come in without a present. Some presents they give are school books, soap, cloth, candles, and other practical goods.


In Africa they decorate shop fronts, mango trees, oil barrels,palm trees, churches, and homes. They decorate shop fronts with fake snow flakes, oil barrels with lots and lots of bells, and palm trees with laden candles.

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