Simonetta Leonardi

I'm Simonetta Leonardi, primary teacher.

I teach a lot of subjects: History, English, Thecnology , Art.

I’m very keen on using ICT in teaching and for life.

I hold 2 degrees, one in Educational Science,

the second in Pedagogy and Human Science.

I got 2 masters the first in “Didactics 2.0: new tools for the new digital school” and the second Master in "School management".

English language level

I've got an English language IELTS certification, band score 6 out 9 competent user

My professional life

My school, the Istituto Comprensivo Assisi 3, lies in a small hamlet of about 3.000 inhabitants outside the town of Assisi.

In recent years I have been coordinator and coach of the national project Cl@ssroom 2.0 and in charge of promoting internet safety for students and parents alike.

I also ran other ICT projects and I'm part of the management team and act as "digital animator" and coordinator of the Erasmus + projects.

Years ago I promoted the “Innovascuola Primaria” project which introduced the interactive white boards in my school. I led in service training for teachers involved on the project. The project has won the European Language Label for the year 2009.

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