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Character Trait for May - Commitment!

Commitment is sticking to your choices. A willingness to practice and fulfill obligations or goals even when it is challenging or you don't feel like it.


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Graduation - June 11, 2022!!

RHL Graduation

June 11th 11:00am (Saturday)

Battle Ground District Stadium

300 W Main Street

Battle Ground WA 98604

*No tickets required

*June 9 at 1:30pm Senior Lunch in Small Gym

*June 9 at 3:00pm Graduation Practice will be at the BGHS Gym (Thursday)

Julie Richardson is your connection to all the details regarding graduation. Please contact Julie at Be sure to check the River HomeLink Class of 2022 Resource Page for updates!

A-Z Paying for college workshops!

Check out the schedule for WSUV virtual A-Z Paying for College Workshops available April and May, and open to the public. Workshops will also provide information regardless of which college or university you are considering, and information on Completing the FAFSA. will be included. If you are heading to college after high school, it is not too late to complete the FAFSA! June 1, 2022 is the deadline for submitting request for financial aid for the 2022-2023 school year. Four year college, community college, or trade school!

Graduating Seniors!

If you are planning to attend Clark College for Fall 2022, sign-up to get help registering for Clark College! Join Clark College staff for Launch Pad to College for assistance through the enrollment process.

Request a Transcript!

If your college application or occupational plans require a copy of your high school official transcript, please use the online HS Transcript Request Form. Unofficial transcripts can be sent to you by the school counselor or advisor.

High School & Beyond Plan - Seniors!!!

A few seniors have not submitted their HSBP yet!! The HSBP is a graduation requirement and students will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony or receive their diploma if the HSBP has not been completed and approved! Everything students need to know to complete the plan, step by step, is in the HSBP Google Classroom. Mrs. Roggenkamp, Mrs. Gallentine, and High School advisors are ready to provide support! You would have received a Confirmation of Completion by email if you are done. If not...let's get it done!

Juniors & Sophomores & Freshman!!

High School & Beyond Plan

JUNIORS! - If you have not completed your HSBP, please continue to work in the HSBP Google Classroom for Juniors so that you have less to do on the plan as a senior! The designated date for completion of you HSBP was March 11.

SOPHOMORES! - The HSBP Google Classroom for Sophomores has everything you need to know, step by step, to complete your plan. The designated due date for Sophomores to complete the plan was April 15.

FRESHMEN! - The HSBP Google Classroom for Freshmen opened on April 18. Everything students need to know to complete the plan, step by step, is in the Google Classroom. The designated due date for Freshmen to complete the plan is May 20. If you missed the Freshmen Q&A sessions on April 20 and May 4, please email us your questions or talk to your advisor. The designated due date for Freshmen HSBP is May 20.

Mrs. Roggenkamp, Mrs. Gallentine, and your advisors are ready to provide support for you as you complete the plan using the steps provided in the HS & Beyond Google Classroom Stream / Classwork tab . Learn more about the HSBP!

Running Start for 2022-2023

Returning students should be checking their email for their scheduled dates to register for classes for Fall 2022!! Enrollment Verification Forms are due by June 1, 2022 for Fall quarter.

Sophomores and Juniors interested in attending Running Start for the 2022-2023 school year need to complete the Interest Survey indicating an interest in attending Running Start. Students on the interest list will be added to the 2022-2023 Running Start Google Classroom as required for all RHL students attending Running Start.

Running Start - Clark College applications should be completed now for new students, and orientation will be required by Clark College prior to registration. Check the RS Google Classroom for more information on upcoming Small Group Advising for all new students!! Registration dates will be posted for accepted students on their ctcLink accounts and Enrollment Verification Forms are due to the RHL Counselor by June 1 for Fall 2022.

All future Running Start students need to be in contact with a Clark College advisor!! Students register for Small Group Advising at the end of the Running Start New Student Orientation.

Cascadia Technical Academy 2022-2023

Students that applied and were accepted for the 2022-2023 school year have received notices via email from Cascadia Tech Academy. Students must follow the instructions carefully provided in the emailed letter of acceptance.

Attendance was taken at Orientation. Accepted students that did not attend the Orientation were placed on the waitlist unless arrangements were made with the instructor.

For students that did not apply but are interested in applying, the CTA 2022-2023 application link is available at, Enrollment. Programs with current openings for Fall 2022: Criminal Justice, Dental, Fire Science, Hospitality/Tourism, ITS3, Pre-engineering.

Additional Information for High School Students

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Scholarships! Grades 9 - 12!!

The River HomeLink Scholarship List provides opportunities for students in grades 9-12. This list provides monthly updates on scholarships and due dates for submission of applications. It is kept current based on monthly postings, so please check it often!

Cascade Technical Academy - Summer School 2022

The CTA Summer School Link link officially opened on Monday, May 2nd after technical difficulties were resolved at CTA! Earn.50 elective credit this summer! Many programs are still available, so use the link to sign up now!

Students! If you plan to add Work Based Learning to your high school schedule in the near future, you must take a Career & Technical Education Class first that aligns with your job. By taking a summer class at Cascadia Tech that aligns with your job, you may be eligible for Work Based Learning! See you advisor or counselor for more information.

Summer School Provided by BGPS!

Summer Credit Recovery, Original Credit, and Boosters Classes will be provided this summer by BGPS.

Booster Courses : Booster Courses for language arts and math are short courses designed to prepare students for success as they enter grades 6-12, making them ideal for summer learning. An upfront diagnostic is taken to create an individualized learning path tailored to each student with a focus on the core competencies most critical for grade-level success. Registration for a Booster Course must be made between May 9 - June 15. Each booster course is 4 weeks. Booster courses cannot be started earlier than the start date and cannot be extended past the end date. Credits are not provided for high school Booster Courses.

Credit Recovery : High school credit recovery is available to current 9th - 12th-grade

students who want to recover courses they have failed in high school. Current 8th-grade

students may also recover the WA State History Requirement. This program is free to all

students wanting to recover high school credit. Please consult with the advisor or school counselor before signing up for a course.

Original Credit : High School summer online original credit courses are available to current 9th -12th-grade students to support on-time graduation. Current 8th-grade students may register for WA State History. To support on-time graduation and to help students who are behind in credit, the tuition is free for one .5 semester online course. Students who are not behind in credit may still register for courses at a cost of $150 per .5 semester online course. Please consult with the advisor or school counselor before signing up for a course.

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