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About me

I read lots of books. I read pretty fast too, this week I read seven books. Those books that I read were over 200 pages. Reading for me is really fun. When I was five I didn't know how to read and everyone but me could read but after one month I was at the top of my class.

10 things about me as a reader:

1. When ever I read any book I am so concentrated I can read without any disturbance.

2. I only like science fiction and adventure books.

3. I am a very fast reader

4. In fifth grade I went to the library every week after finishing 3 books each week.

5. I read mostly only fiction.

6. When I read nonfiction I always like what I read.

7. Sometimes when I don't know what book to read I just find one and read it.

8. Every book I read I will usually like.

9. I love books.

10. I read books just to past time.

The Latest Book I Read

I am currently reading Cherub the Recruit. It is a really good book. I really like it. When ever I start reading it I cant stop reading unless someone tells me to. It is about a boy who is a spy and goes to a spy school. He goes on dangerous missions.

The List

Michael Vey
Adventurers Wanted
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Reccomend source

Novelist Plus is a good sight to search for good books.

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