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February 4th - High Impact Instruction - Kim, Lynn, Lori, Allyn, & Betsy

February 8th & 16th - P/T Conferences

February 17th - DLT (TLC) meeting

February 25th - TABS meeting 7:30 in Everly

Do Schools Kill Creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson | TED Talks


There is no request too big or too small we can't handle together!

  • Kim, "Thanks for helping me out with my construction class. When the year ended last year I was confused as to what the state department wanted. You helped me not only with the curriculum of the class, but you called the department involved and had gotten clarification for it. I know if more is needed, you will help". Klint
  • "Kim has been very helpful in helping me set up programs to use in my classes. Once I have used the program, she helps me evaluate the data". Allyn
  • "One aspect of Mrs. Harken’s responsibilities as Curriculum Director and Professional Development Coordinator is to stop in classrooms and visit with teachers about any concerns they may have. During her visit to my classroom, I expressed frustration with my math class, which at the time was difficult to teach due to behavior issues and low self-esteem with a few of the students. We went over all that I had previously done in an attempt to remedy the situation. During our collaboration, Mrs. Harken and I determined that having an aide to assist a few students after my initial instruction would be the best route. Mrs. Harken arranged a meeting with Mr. McClain, and the three of us decided this was a proper approach. We simply shifted a couple aide's work schedules around, and this has worked out wonderfully. I am able to teach with little distraction, because students have the security and knowledge they will get the added attention and support they need in a small group setting after my initial instruction. I have been very pleased with the large jump in math assessment scores on the STAR math testing, and must attribute some of this to having this extra help through a classroom aide." -- Mrs. Sandy Heerdt
  • Kim has partnered with me in researching Whole Brain Instruction that would be beneficial for meeting the learning needs of my students. She has shared a great deal of information with me to assist in my learning on this topic, thus saving me the time of having to find quality and useful articles. Tanya


Teacher: Class, we will only have a half a day of school this morning.
Class: Hooray
Teacher: We will have the other half this afternoon