Louis Jacques Thenard

The chemist who discovered hydrogen peroxide!

Portrait of Louis Jacques Thenard

Louis lived from 1777-1857 and had accomplished much in his time studying as a chemist.

He had also been appointed as a Baron by Charles the 10th in the year 1825.

Louis had made a four volume text over the basic chemical theory and practice of it, which was very influential to the world of chemistry and science in general.

This man wasn't only a chemist, he was also a great teacher who worked by the saying everything must be sacrificed for the student, the professor, the assistant, the laboratory.

Fun Fact: His name is one of 72 inscribed in the Eiffel Tower.

Fun Fact 2: a statue was erected in his honor at Sens, also his home village had been renamed La louptiere-Thenard for his memory.

Louis Jacques Thenard's Studies

  • He made his first original paper in 1799 over the compounds of anitomy and arsenic with sulphur and oxygen.
  • A month later, at the request of a political figure ( Jean-Antoine-Claude Chaptal) he discovered Thenard blue which is a pigment used in porcelain with a base of cobalt
  • He began important research into ethers (pleasant-smelling, colorless, volatile liquids that are highly flammable.) in 1807.
  • He also put plenty of research in sebacic acid in 1802 and bile in 1807 which, in turn, helped out with the finding of hydrogen peroxide in 1818 by Thenard.