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Nurturing Potential, Sustaining Support

February 2023

Happy February Everyone!

I would like to welcome everybody to our monthly newsletter with a special shout out to those families new to Young Scholars. This parent newsletter is a place to learn more about the Young Scholar program and discover information, resources, and opportunities to help your Young Scholar grow.

My hope is that as each month goes by, you'll gain a better understanding of what Young Scholars is all about and find useful resources to encourage and nurture your Young Scholar's potential.

Our newsletters this fall highlighted the four types of thinking used in Young Scholar lessons: Divergent, Convergent, Visual, and Evaluative. You can check out those editions using the link at the end of this newsletter.

For the next several months, we will be focusing on learning more about the three foundational goals of the program.

These goals include supporting and increasing access to resources, affirmation of self, and advocates in and out of school to help students reach their academic potential. Each goal reflects the commitment seen at the beginning of every newsletter: Nurturing Potential, Sustaining Support.

This month, we will be focusing on the goal of increasing affirmation for your Young Scholar.


Young Scholar Access, Affirmation, Advocates

Inside This Month's Newsletter

  • Increasing Affirmation Through a Growth Mindset

  • Resources to Help your Young Scholar Build Affirmation

Increasing Affirmation Through a Growth Mindset

Amazing things can happen when students are supported and encouraged to recognize and develop their own potential, self-confidence, and natural love of learning.

One of the best ways to foster a love of learning and build affirmation is by encouraging your Young Scholar to try out something new or challenging, supporting their efforts, and showing it's ok when mistakes happen. This is all part of building a growth mindset.

Mistakes are often see as something to avoid when really we couldn't learn without them. Children are better able to see mistakes as a natural part of learning, and they are more likely to keep going when things get tough, when they hear and see that being modeled in others around them.

The next time your Young Scholar is struggling with something new, try one of these phrases to affirm and encourage their efforts:

"I see you're working really hard at this. Sometimes learning gets messy, and that's ok."

"I like how you tried all kinds of strategies on that problem until you finally got it."

"I noticed that you didn't give up even though it wasn't easy."

Below are some self-talk ideas you can try modeling for your Young Scholar to help build their growth mindset and increase their own affirmation and self-confidence.

Resources to Help your Young Scholar Build Affirmation

Trying something new can be scary, but with strong support and encouragement, it can also be one of the best ways to foster a love of learning.

Below are examples of books, songs, podcasts, and inspirations designed to help your Young Scholar recognize, develop, and affirm their own amazing potential!

People Who Persevered

Another way to inspire affirmation in your Young Scholar is by sharing examples of others who have persevered through challenges. This can help remind them that success takes hard work and persistence - not just for them, but for everybody.

Click on the image below to learn more about each person and the impact they have made on the world.

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About Me


My name is Colleen Redmond, and I am honored to work as Coordinator for SoWashCo Young Scholars.

I'm a mom, a wife, small business owner, avid biker (the pedal kind), book enthusiast, and beekeeper.

I've been lucky enough to teach in South Washington County Schools for over twenty-five years and have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the lives of so many students and families over the years.

Now, as part of Young Scholars, I have the honor of working with the amazing staff, students, and families throughout SoWashCo to implement and grow the Young Scholars program.

I am so very excited to work with and support you and your Young Scholar. I can't wait to see where the journey takes us!

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