Renaissance Music History Tour

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About us and the Trip

Hello everyone! We are Marge Tours and we want to take you on a trip! Let's discover the Low Countries together from January 31 to February 19!

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Munich, Germany

Our first stop is Munich! We are stopping because of Orlando de Lasso. He moved to Munich in 1556 and stayed there until his death. He moved there from Antwerp and he was born in Mons, Belgium in 1532. We will stay here from the 31 of January to the 2 of February.

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

And now Oude Kerk or 'Old Church'. We are stopping here because this is where Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck succeeded his father as an organist. Sweelinck was born in Amsterdam in1562 and died in Amsterdam in October 1621. Apparently he never left Amsterdam, although he did travel to Antwerp, Belgium and Rotterdam. We'll be staying here 2 days from the 2-4 of February.

Antwerp, Belgium

From 4-7 of February we are staying in Antwerp. This stop is because of Jean de Ockeghem. He sung at the Antwerp Cathedral from 1443-1444. Ockeghem wasn't born here though he was born in Tours, France in 1410 and died there on February 6 1497. He worked in the Low Countries including parts of France and Blegium. He composed masses, motets and chansons inculding 2 of his famous works Salve Maria and Missa Prolationum

Condé-sur-l'Escaut, France

We are now stopping in Condé-sur-l'Escaut because this is where Josquin des Prez was born. Josquin was born here in 1450 and that's also where he died in August 1521. In his lifetime he composed 87 motets, 59 French chansons, 7 Italian chansons, 7 complete masses and 35 mass sections. We will be staying here from the 7 of February to the 10.

Cambrai, France

We are now stopping just a few miles away from Condé-sur-l'Escaut. We will be stopping here from the 10-13. This stop is also for Josquin des Prez. He worked in the Cathedral of Cambrai here, we'll be visiting that. You might know him for his famous works L'homme armé or Se la face ay pale.

Milan, Italy

Milannnnn! Why Milan? Because of Josquin des Prez again! From the late 1470's to the early 80's he sang for the courts of René I of Anjou and Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza of Milan. Also, From 1486 to 1494 he performed from the papal chapel. We'll be staying here from 13-16 of February

Rome, Italy

Our final stop! Rome! We are stopping here because Orlando de Lasso stayed here for a decade. He was a choirmaster of the St. John Lateran from 1543-1544. A choirmaster is a director of a group of church singers. He also composed motets, madrigals and masses. Orlando wasn't born in Rome however. He was born in Mons, Belgium and died in Munich, Germany. We'll be staying here from the 16 of February to the last day of our trip (19).