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We believe in the Richmond & Central Virginia Area. In fact, we believe in it so much, that when given the choice last year to move I quit my long time corporate position and started these two local small businesses. We think doing business locally is important. My wife works at a local small business. We support many of the local shops and restaurants, along with local service providers. Our tax accountant, insurance broker, auto mechanic, physician and dentist are local.

Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies and Strategic Media Buying are in this same category of being a small local businesses, and we're looking for the support of other companies just like us to stay here and grow as new clients.

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We travel to see clients because it's easier on the client and there is nothing much exciting to see at our place. We're lean and customer focused, having many of our resources online, in the latest software or licensed B2B marketing platforms that we use to support clients or the newest versions of software for production, research, development and design.

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