June 6, 2017


The June 6th Spring Roundtable at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is nearly here! Below you will find directions and the agenda for the day.


In setting things up with the park they asked for a little more information to make getting you admitted easier. Please go here and fill it out (1 minute, I promise):



Please plan on a 9am arrival. There is a Dunkin Donuts and Wawa on Monmouth Road on the way to the park if you would like to get a beverage.

The address to put into your GPS is 5 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ 08527. You will be entering off of Monmouth Road, PAST where the general admission entrance is (if coming from the northeast). You are going to turn onto Six Flags Blvd where you see the employee entrance sign.

Pull up to the guard house - "Gate 1". Tell them you are here for the NJSELA meeting and give them your name. They will tell you where to go.

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9am - Arrival

9:30am - Shuttle to the Safari Discoveries Arena for a presentation by the park's animal trainers/primary caregivers. This is the aquatic arena, but you should get wet. You might want a to bring a handtowel to wipe your seat

10:30am - Walk to Safari load area for private safari truck tour

11:15am - Approximate arrival time at Camp Adventura

11:45am - Reboard Safari truck tour for Part 2

12:30pm - Lunch in reserved section at "Best of the West" Restaraunt. NJSELA members will get meal vouchers, your guests may purchase food and join us (or go have fun on their own).

1:00pm to ??? - Roundtable discussion topics

After the Roundtable you are free to explore the park. You will exit through the park's main gates to the general parking lot. Stay to the left and follow signs for the mass transit lot (employee lot) - this is where you are parked.


The park has been very willing to be a partner in education. Most people are familiar with their "Physics Days" that have been running for decades. With changes in the Safari Format they are looking to provide more educational opportunities for their guests. They have been running private field trips for K-5 groups for years on days when the park is not open to the general public (these get totally booked), and they are looking to find ways to make a good safari experience for the 6-12 students that come during their school events (physics days, music festivals, etc)

Please bring the questions that you may have. You will be talking with the people who have primary responsibility for the animals and have gone through a significant amount of schooling and training to do so (these are not college kids on a summer job!)

They are interested in hearing what you want to know about, so be prepared to be asked what your questions are!